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Chester Heights Borough
2008 Existing and New Fire Code Regulations

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This site is for informational purposes only. These regulations cover existing and new construction homes and businesses.
This site is an overview of the “Most Frequently Asked Questions.”
I’m having a new home built, “Is there anything I must do?”
I’m building or operating a business in Chester Heights, “Is there anything
I must comply with?”
Are “Renters” subject to any fire safety inspection?
Are there any “Blasting Requirements” in Chester Heights?
Can I burn leaves and twigs in Chester Heights?
Are there any on-street parking regulations?
What is “Secured Key Access?”
Must I display my house numbers even though I have a PO Box?
What is a Fire Safety Inspection Program?
What are “Fire Lanes?”
Fee Schedule
Parking Citations

Open Burning permits:
$5.00 per day or $20 per month. Burn Permit Form– Please call the Fire Marshal 610.558.1636 or drop off the form and the fee at the Fire Company.

Periodic (every two years) inspection of “Rental Units”–$50.00 for the first unit on site and $25.00 for each additional unit on one site.
False Alarm Fees: after two false alarms a fee of $100.00 shall be billed.
After three false alarms a fee of $200.00 shall be billed.
After four false alarms or more in a 12 month period, a fee of $300.00 shall be billed for each consecutive false alarm.
Blasting fees: $100.00 per day

Requirements for New Home Construction
Construction Plans must be submitted prior to building. The plans will be marked for location of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, arc fault protectors, ground fault protectors, fire walls, address number and attic access requirements. An inspection of the electrical wiring shall be required prior to insulation and drywall installation.
Requirements for Non Residential / Business Construction

Construction Plans must be submitted prior to any construction. The plans must be certified, stamped and signed by a Professional Engineer. All sprinkler plans and fire alarm plans must be accompanied with specifications, hardware to be used and flow rates.
Rental Properties

All rental properties in the Borough of Chester Heights shall be inspected every two years.
Rental properties are the owners’ responsibility for fees and repairs.
Condominium Properties
1. All Condo common areas such as, garages, parking lots, lobbies, corridors, stairwells, emergency exits, etc. shall be inspected every two years. Yearly maintenance Certifications shall be produced for sprinkler and fire alarm systems.
Borough of Chester Heights
Blasting Requirements
Photocopies of current insurance Polices / Certificates on the builders and the demolition professionals.

NFPA Code 495 shall apply
Strict adherence to the International Fire Code 2003 edition. Key points of interest section 2705.
M.S.D.S on all hazardous materials to be used.
Our Fire Department is to be notified 48 hours in advance, not including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, of the type, quantity and location of the explosive materials at the site.
Fire Company personnel will be on standby.
All Federal, State, and County regulations shall apply.
See fee schedule for permit application.
Borough of Chester Heights
Open Burning Regulations

The open burning of construction material, land clearing debris and trash anywhere and the open burning of any public street, roadway, curb or gutter or street drain is strictly prohibited at all times.
The open burning of leaves, small brush and twigs is permissible on Fridays and Saturdays from 7am to sunset. Requirements for burning are one pile no larger than 6 feet in diameter with an extinguisher nearby. E.g. A garden hose.
All fires must be extinguished by sunset.
The Fire Marshal may cancel open burning on any day when it would be permitted due to drought or other unsafe conditions. E.g. Windy
Permits are required and can be purchase at the Chester Heights Fire Company or the Borough office. See Fee Schedule
Borough of Chester Heights On Street Parking Regulations
Residential street widths being less than 24 feet are considered Fire Lanes and parking on the street is prohibited at all times. Vehicles found illegally parked will be ticketed and / or towed. These roads are Indian Springs Drive , Feather Lane and Station road.
Some residential areas of the Borough have street widths of 24 feet. When vehicles are parked on both sides of the street in the same area, emergency vehicles may not be able to pass between them.
The following guidelines can help when hosting a social event at your residence. Ask your guest to follow these rules.

Park all vehicles on the same side of the street.
Park to allow emergency vehicles to maneuver at intersections.
No parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. This is prohibited by the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Title 75.
Secured Key Access:
Any building other than a residential building which has a fire alarm system or other fire protection system shall provide a secure key box installed in a location accessible to the Fire Company in case of an emergency. This box shall contain keys to the fire alarm panel (s), building access, and all other keys needed to gain access to the building and its systems or other means of access acceptable to the Fire Marshal.
Knox Box forms are available from the Fire Marshal.

Display and Maintenance of Numbers

Numbers assigned to buildings in the Borough shall be permanently displayed on or between such building and the street upon which it fronts.
Numbers shall be maintained in complete and legible form.
Each number shall be at lease four (4) inches in height, shall be of such color and material and shall be located as to be visible from the street.
At any time application is made to the Borough for a building permit, the applicant shall also apply to the Fire Marshal for an assignment of an official number.
Any person, firm, or corporation violating this ordinance, shall be sentenced to pay a fine of fifty ($50.00) dollars a week for failure to display their assigned number.
Fire Lanes
The marking of fire lanes on private property devoted to public use shall be required on all parking areas and other similar places, so as to insure that fire fighting and other lifesaving equipment shall have access to all portions of the property al all times. All building permit applications (except for single family residential where no new streets are required) shall be submitted by the building inspector. The plans that accompany building permit applications shall include the location and marking of fire lanes and shall be submitted to and approved by the Fire Marshal and a permanent record of the marking of the said fire lanes shall be maintained by the Borough of Chester Heights. The cost of marking and thereafter maintenance of said fire lanes and plan of same shall be borne by the owner of the property where said lanes are located.
Note: the parking of any vehicle or otherwise obstructing fire lanes shall be prohibited at all times.
Fire Inspection Program
Inspections shall be completed by the Fire Marshal or his assistant according to the following schedule:

All buildings prior to the issuance of any occupancy permit
All buildings prior to the transfer of title
All rental properties every two (2) years.
All public, industrial, office, condo’s & religious buildings (2) years.

Parking Citations
The fine for parking citations paid within 5 days of issue shall be $35.00. If the citation is not paid within 5 days of issue, the fine shall be $50.00
In case of a vehicle being towed, all such fines shall be in addition to the towing and storage charge of the Borough’s towing contractor.
Unless otherwise specified, all fines shall be paid to the Borough of Chester Heights within (10) days of being billed by the Fire Marshal.
Please remit payment to: PO Box 185 Chester Heights , PA 19017

Fee Schedule
Plan review for commercial, industrial, residential or
Institutional applications are $70.00 hr.
Minimum charge is $35.00 hr.
Then billed in 15 minute increments there after.
On Site Inspections:
Fire Safety Inspections (required every two years) Commercial only
For all existing businesses $.02 per sq foot
Minimum inspection fee $150.00 for new construction ( homes & condo’s.)
New Construction (Commercial Use) $.05 per sq foot Minimum $200.00
New Construction (Residential Use) over 3000sq ft an additional $.05 per sq foot
Note: If an On Site inspection results in a failure a
Re-inspection fee shall apply equal to the first inspection

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